Off of Ghana

I leave for Ghana, West Africa Wednesday morning. I'm going with Ash Zook, a good friend and young leader who is the director of Young Leaders International ( YLI is a ministry committed to the discipleship and development of the next generation of leaders in Ghana. Joining us will be young leader from the church where I serve (Rich) and a fellow YLI board member (Rob). The majority of our time will be spent investing in a group of Ghanian leaders who serve with YLI. What I love about YLI is our focus - not upon a conference we'll conduct but living in community with these leaders - listening to their stories and learning from each other as we wrestle with the Word together around what it means to follow Jesus in their culture. Pretty cool stuff! 

Here are some ways you can pray while I'm away...

  • Safety in our travel to, around and home from Ghana - something I never take for granted these days
  • Meaningful connection with the young men and women we'll join the next 10 days
  • Wisdom and discernment in our time with these leaders. Ash selected some key passages as the focus for our time together. Our hope is to engage the leaders in conversation around the implications for how they they live and lead within their culture - more as guides than teachers. 
  • Protection for our families while we're away. Verna has always been very gracious in supporting me making these trips. With the kids all out of the house this will be the first time she will be 'home alone'. She may enjoy it way too much!
  • On a very personal note - I look forward to sharing this experience with two young leaders who are a part of my life and our church family - Ash and Rich. In this season of my life and ministry there are few things that stir more passion than investing in the next generation of leaders.

When I'm able to get DSL connection I'll try to send an update and some pictures along the way.

Thanks for your support and prayer...

Fighting for your Heart