A Prayer to Jump Start 2010

I woke this morning at 5 am to a troubling thought - I hadn't driven my 97 Jeep for almost two weeks and we were in the midst of a cold spell here in Atlanta (18 degrees this morning). The battery was dead. So at 6 am I scrambled to jump start the old Jeep. When I settled in next to a fireplace at my favorite coffee shop it struck me that my early morning experience was a descriptive metaphor for how I felt as this new year begins. Jump starting a dead battery on a cold morning...Ouch! The older I get more effort and energy is required to recover from the holiday pace and return to the far less festive rhythm and responsibilities of life.

The beginning of a new year has become an important time in the rhythm of my spiritual journey. It's one of the times I recommit myself to following Christ well. This prayer taken from John Wesley's journal helps me redenter my heart...

Dear Lord Jesus - I give you my body, my soul, my substance, my fame, my friends, my liberty, and my life. Dispose of me and all that is mine as it seems best to you. I am now not mine, but yours. Therefore claim me as your right, keep me your charge, and love me as your child. Fight for me when I am assaulted. Heal me when I am wounded. And revive me when I am destroyed.

As I sat quietly and released my year to Father, my soul grew still. Here's the prayer that emerged...

Father I am so grateful for your continued presence in my story. As this year begins I once again look to you for your ever faithful provision...protection...guidance...and wisdom. Make me more aware of your movement within me and around me - may I live more consistently and more comfortably from a place of ruthless trust in you.

  • Move me away from my shallow loves, into your overwhelming faithfulnes.
  • Move me away from my thin angers, into your truth-telling freedom.
  • Move me away from my lean hopes, into your tidal promises.

Then give me attentive ears...a responsive heart...and receiving hands.

I long to live this year as your liberated partner - in joy and obedience, in risk and faith, in contentment and gratitude.

Fighting for your heart,