Thankfully - Catching My Breath

A few weeks ago Verna and I enjoyed a restful weekend in the mountians of North Carolina. We've traveled to Cashiers in the fall for many years now. We enjoy the beauty of the season change, the peacefulness of the setting and sitting in front of a warm fire on a crisp evening. This year I spent some time reflecting on Psalm 136. If you're not familiar with it I encourage you to set aside a few minutes to read it. The Psalm begins with the words, "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever". As the Psalm unfolds it recalls parts of Israel's story echoed by the refrain - His love endures forever. Throughout the weekend I wrote in my journal of the various part of my story - past and present - where I've tasted Father's goodness. After each remembrance I wrote the words - "Your faithful love for me endures forever". As my list grew longer it became a timely reminder of God's goodness and generosity to me. With each entry things that felt so heavy just a few days earlier felt lighter. Deep feelings of contentment, well-being and the peacefulness that follows trust quietly emerged from within my soul.

In the push and pull of everyday life I so easily forget how loyal Father is to me. I need ways to remember more consistently. I've found help in breath prayers. They are brief prayers that keep before me simple truths I easily forget. They are spoken as naturally as I breathe - as a reminder that He is my life - the air I breathe. I purposed to begin and end each day with a simple breath prayer - "Your faithful love for me endures forever". It's the first thing I say as my day begins - the last thing I say as it ends. I have a simple cross that hangs around the lamp on my nightstand that reminds me. Such a simple gesture. What better way to pause and  'catch my breath' - reminded that Father is faithful...that He loves me and is for me...and that His love for me will endure forever.

As you enter this season of Thanksgiving it would be good to slow down and catch your breath...reflect upon God's goodness and generosity to you. Breathe the air that surrounds you as a child of God - Your Father's faithful love for you endures forever!

Enjoy a restful and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Fighting for Your Hearts,

Gary Franklin