Reflecting on the Difference Jesus Makes...

Followers of Christ are all quick to acknowledge that walking with Jesus has made a difference in our lives. How could we affirm anything other?  But I sometimes wonder if our 'religiously correct'  answer honestly reflects the reality of our lives. More than I care to admit to you it often doesn't for me. Like you, the desire is there - but it so easily gets drowned out by doubts, suffocated by fear, muffled by the boredom of routine and the unattractive responsibilities that make up much of our lives and masked by our cozy friendship with mediocrity.

As we walk through this series 'Following the Forgotten Ways of Jesus' creating some space for honest reflection is desperately needed - interrupting our routine long enough to invite Jesus in. For the next couple of months I will use my blog to ask some probing questions coming out of Sunday's talk. My encouragement for you is to print them, sit down with a cup of coffee and honestly respond to them.

Yesterday we learned that the lives of the first followers of Jesus were marked by three distinctive changes as they walked with Jesus...

They grew to experience God differently 

  • Do have a growing awareness of God's closeness and presence with close that you sense His stirrings and promptings in everyday decisions?
  • The longer you walk with Jesus do you have a growing sense of anticpation because you have been invited to participate with God in His mission - pursuing people with the hope of seeing them redeeemed and restore?

They grew to look at their lives differently

  • How much does a desire to 'make life work' occupy your thoughts and emotions?
  • Jesus says we find our lives by losing our lives. Where do you find this hard?  What do you look to - other than Jesus - to find meaning in life?  What might you need to 'release' in order to give Jesus more freedom within you?
  • The longer you walk with Christ do you find yourself more comfortable 'losing your life' to find the life of Christ?

They grew to love people differently

  • As you encounter people whose lives are badly broken because of sinful choices what do you feel?
  • The longer you walk with Jesus are you more loving or more angry...more compassionate or more critical...more passionate or more apathetic...more involved or more distant?

The longer we walk with Jesus...everything changes. My prayer for the Grace family is that we would all be captured by this Jesus.

Fighting for your hearts,

Gary Franklin