Maybe It's Time To Take The First Step...

I spoke with a good friend who shared a quote with me from a book he's been reading that was profound. I always like to share things like this with you. Before I do allow me to share some of his story. My friend has a deep desire for authentic friendship. Over the years he has been really generous with his life and resources in serving his friends. But with that generosity has come a lot of disappointment. He has invested deeply in relationship-after-relationship only to have them end in hurt and estrangement. Like so many of us - he moved on - trying to find a place in his spiritual journey for all the loss and disappointment he felt. Over the last few months Father has brought him to a new place of forgiveness that is producing some needed healing and freedom. It has also led him to return to some of those past relationships - seeking to restore some of what has been lost. Some cool things are taking place.

Here's the quote..

When someone is hurt, it’s tempting to try to figure out who is to blame, but in reality it’s impossible to assign percentages of blame to everyone or every circumstance involved.  Sometimes we simply need to acknowledge that a relationship needs healing, and the chances are good that some weakness on our part played a part in the damage.  Admitting this may encourage the other person to do the same.  It can be difficult to apologize for something we feel was out of our control, but authentic love calls us to reconcile with those we hurt and those who hurt us.  When we spend our energy on restoring the relationship, we are far better equipped to love others in the future.”                                                                              Love As A Way of Life   by Gary Chapman

 My guess is this resonates with you as much as it did me. There is something liberating and redeeming in loving one another enough to be more committed to healing than with being right.

Maybe it time to take the first step...

Fighting For Your Hearts,