Celebrating One Chapter...Beginning Another

Last week Verna and I enjoyed a week in Maine with our daughter, Elizabeth. We had a wonderful time together. We spent the first night in Camden - a postcard-like small village in Maine that wraps around a beautiful harbor. Then we traveled up to Bar Harbor for a few days where we enjoyed great weather and even better seafood, a sailboat in the bay, riding bikes in Acadia National Park and recreational shopping - way too much shopping and when did shopping become a recreational activity!

Our hope was that the week in Maine would 'mark' Liz's story - give her a special memory as she begins a new chapter in college - a memory reminding her she is loved and cherished as our daughter. It was a celebration of sorts - the closing of one chapter in her story and the opening of another.

More and more I see our stories are a collection of chapters - seasons in which the Spirit is shaping us into our Father's likeness. All our experiences in each chapter are purposeful and meaningful. God is using the pleasure and the pain to mature us...and pepare us. Faith learns to see His purpose and meaning in each of those chapters. I'm paying closer attention to these 'chapters'  these days - the endings and beginings that mark my story. Sometimes the closing of one chapter brings a sense of sadness. Sometimes regret. At other time it brings the warm smiles of pleasant memories. In every chapter we celebrate the presence and purpose of our Father's hand - the 'markers' of the place we hold in our Father's eyes as beloved sons and daughters.

Fighting for your heart,

Gary Franklin