Grateful...Yet Looking Forward

Our elders are devoting a couple of days this weekend to seek God's direction for Grace Church as we look toward 2010. We have a lot to be grateful for.

We commmitted ourselves to a couple of key areas these last couple of years.

  • Stability after a leadership transition
  • Birthing a vision for our community called "Engage Fayette"
  • Laying the foundation for better serving the next generation
  • Weathering a challenging change in our economy

In each area Father has been faithful and generous. Our church family is peaceful, responsive and hopeful. There is an emerging freedom and authenticity that is winsome and contagious. We're seeing some wonderful new families join us. We've begun moving into our community with compassion. A few years ago we didn't have a shared sense of our calling and mission in this commuity. That has begun to change. We're devoting alot of energy and leadership to sustaining what God has started through Engage Fayette. We hope to take some major steps forward in 2009-2010. We then brought Artie onto our team to bring a fresh voice and vision for this next generation. And God has been faithful and generous to us financially. Through June we were in the best cash position we have been in years!

So as we gather this weekend we're deeply grateful to God for His direction and provision. We're also grateful for each of you - you are wonderfully responsive and teachable. Thank you!

Pray for us this weekend. We're asking Father for clarity in where to direct our energies these next couple of years. Now that our vision for the community is becoming more clear we're talking alot about our spiritual health as a family - becoming an environment where people are invited into a deeper love for Jesus and one another and an environment where people grow into mature followers of Jesus. It's a needed discussion, but marked by pretty significant differences in how to best to accomplish a dream we all share.

Our hope is not to come away with a 'plan' but a sense of direction. So pray that we are sensitive to the Spirit's voice. We so value...and prayer. 

Fighting for your heart,

Gary Franklin