A Longing For Something Better

I want to follow up on something I shared with the Grace family yesterday. We were learning about Grace being experienced and expressed in what I described as 'restoring relationships' (Galatians 5:25-6:6). Here's how I ended the talk...

I must confess a certain sadness I’ve felt this week as I've prepared this talk. How rarely I’ve experienced ‘restoring relationships’ within the body of Christ. Most of my memories are of friendships that hover around a comfortable but safe superficiality. When there is a problem my experiece has either been with very emotional ‘hit-and-run’ tyoe conversations (i.e., people hit me with their sense of the truth then run)…or with people just checking out and choosing not to work through stuff honestly. I also feel the sadness of so many in our family who share with me how detached and disconnected they feel here at Grace. It strikes me that the body of Christ doesn’t do this very well. As attractive as becoming a community of restorers might be…it is pretty elusive. By and large we’ve accepted a view of the spiritual journey that says ‘my private life is my business’". Yet we criticize others from a distance or through other people. We’ve grown pretty comfortable keeping a safe distance. While it causes us to feel unloved and disconnected…and generally means we stagnate spiritually…living in an honest community where restoring relationships is commonplace feels too unsafe and scary to pursue.


Makes me profoundly sad…I long for so much more…for something better...for Grace to become a community of restorers. But it also makes me deeply grateful for the restoring relationships I do enjoy. If you have friends who share life with you in honest ways…friends who believe in you...friends who love you enough to ask hard questions and speak the truth to you...friends whose love is gentle, humble and faithful If you have such a friend…you have a great gift…be grateful for it…express your gratitude in generous ways.


If you enjoy a 'restoring relationship' here at Grace take a few minutes to make a call, send a note, or even better, take your friend out for lunch simply to say 'thank you'. Share something good with your friend who gives you such a good gift. 


And let's purpose to live as restorers - with our husbands and wives, with our children and grandchildren, with one another as part of the family of Grace Church.


I would love to hear your thoughts...


Fighting for your hearts,


Gary Franklin.