The Subtle Language of the Flesh

I received an email this morning from a friend at Grace...

Everytime you talk about grace and freedom, part of me wants to go "yes, but...but...but..." I'm just not sure what the 'buts' are. Pretty sure they're not legalism, but boy the flesh rises up against freedom.

For me the "but's" are the nagging voices and patterns in my life that  seek to persuade me that trusting the Spirit is somehow impractical or ineffective. Saying it outloud exposes the lie for what it suggests. I don't really trust the Spirit to be or do what He promises. But rarely is the language of the flesh so obvious - it speaks in tones that are subtle and so easy to miss. The "logic" of the flesh can even look and feel more responsible than faith.

Once we see the flaw in the language and logic of the flesh for what it is we take an important step toward our freedom. Our illusions fall away and we see - sometimes with disturbing clarity - our need for security and all the ways we try to use God and others to get it. We get in touch with the fears that undermine faith: fears of failure, fears of loneliness, and fears of loving and allowing others to love us. We become safe enough with ourselves and God to say, This is who I am. We are finally able to surrender who we are - our imperfections, our limitations, our grasping, our selfishness and our fears - to who He is. This is not a 'yes' that says I will remain the same but a yes that says to the Spirit, "I recognize what I am now and this is who I am today. Whatever it is that most needs to be done in my life, I trust you to do it."

I don't know what your "but's" may be. I hope you learn to live in the freedom of saying "yes" to the Spirit.

Fighting for your hearts,

Gary Franklin