Seasons of Waiting

Advent affords us the opportunity to practice a spiritual practice we likely find challenging - waiting. Advent invites us to wait for Christ's arrival, not only in the future, but in our present where we long for Christ's presence and look his direction. We're all waiting for something. Some of us are waiting through seasons of struggle, sorrow and suffering - looking for relief. Some are waiting through seasons of confusion and uncertainty - looking for perspective, direction, and clarity. And others are waiting through seasons of misunderstanding and conflict - looking for forgiveness and restoration.
As part of my advent practice this year I've been receiving daily poems and prayers called "The Weary World Rejoices". I share this poem/prayer in the hope that it might inspire us to wait in faith, patience, hope and courage.
by Dan White

When we are heavy with sorrow,

let us cling to a whispering hope.

When we are deep in the night,

let us not forget the light we’ve once seen.

When we are exhausted from waiting,

let us find strength in each other.

When we are hardened by conflict,

let love interrupt our bitterness.

When we are frightened by scenarios,

let us receive wisdom from each other.

When we are haunted by failures,

let grace heal our self-inflicted wounds.

When we are dismal and defeated,

let faith be our nourishment.

When we are weary and complaining,

let our hearts discover perspective.

When we are apathetic and clumsy,

let deep apologies flow from our lips.

When we are dashed by disappointments,

let us find footing to press forward.

We are sheep who wander in the waiting,

but the Shepherd knows our names.

We are strangers without a country,

but the Kingdom of God is our true home.

In this time of great meaning,

in the stillness of Advent,

birth new patience,

give us grace for the days before us.


During these weeks of Advent may you experience the presence and peace of God in your personal season of waiting.

Fighting for your heart,