Our Longing for Grace

        For you are all sons (and daughters) of God through faith in Christ Jesus...There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ.      - Galatians 3:26-27

I've been thinking quite a bit about these words in recent weeks...what it might look like if we fully embraced them ourselves...freely extended them to others.

Here are a few of my reflections...

  • We would feel both honored and humbled that we enjoy such a relationship with God because of Jesus
  • We would be more comfortable accepting the value, dignity and worth we have in our Father's eyes
  • We would embrace the unique story Father has given each of us to live...seeing His hand shaping us through our life experience and environment...no longer live the illusion or fantasy of someone else's journey
  • We would live our story without fear...regret...guilt
  • We would be more patient with ourselves knowing that even in the midst of our greatest failures our Father accepts us, pursues us,and loves us   
  • We would understand that everyone has been shaped by the people, events and circumstances of their story...and respect that Father meets them in the midst of their story
  • We would be more patient with each other - less inclined to criticize the messiness (or the brokeness) of someone's story... more inclined to celebrate the mystery of God's desire to redeem someone's story
  • We would feel less pressure to please some people and patronize others...more responsibility to love and respect everyone
  • We would focus more on learning from one another...looking for ways to affirm one another

Lots to think about...

Look around you at the family God is bringing together at Grace. It's a special gathering of people. And yet we're a ragamuffin group of sons and daughters longing to experience grace. Sunday we'll gather to celebrate the Lord's Table. It's a great opportunity to experience and express the reality of grace as a family.

Fighting for your hearts,

Gary Franklin