Our faith journey called Extending Grace

A few weeks ago we announced a $3.2 million dollar facility renovation and expansion initiative we're calling Extending Grace. It's the biggest financial faith step we've ever considered in our history (Go to www.gracefayette.org to the Extending Grace tab for detailed information).

To launch Extending Grace we've set aside the months of March and April as a season prayer for us as a family to seek God's direction and provision.


Over the next 8 weeks there will be multiple opportunities for all us to participate in this prayer effort.

  • Every Sunday we'll devote a portion of our worship service to pray together
  • We' re planning two opportunities for our church family to walk our property and pray for God's provision (watch for details)
  • We invite you to 'prayer walk' our property at other times at your convenience (just let someone in the office know you're out there).
  • Every time I drive onto the property over this next 8 weeks I'll use it as an opportunity to pray for God's direction and provision (encourage you to do the same).


Each week we'll also receive a digital prayer guide called Extending Grace. This prayer guide (designed by Kem Williams and Carrie Zook) will highlight the ways we extend grace to our church family and our community and how our proposed improvements will enhance our capacity to extend grace in the future. The prayer guide will give us the vision and language as we pray over the next eight weeks.

There's no way around the reality we're asking God to provide a large amount of money. It's a daunting goal. But we're looking at Extending Grace more as a faith journey than a capital campaign. God doesn't want us to shy away from bringing our larger-than-life desires and dreams to him, never as demands, but as the requests we gladly surrender to His desires and dreams for us. 

Let's join together in seeking God's direction and provision as a family.

We're asking you to set aside intentional times to pray with us over these next two months. We're also asking that we seek God's direction for how he would lead us to give toward Extending Grace.

On Sunday April 29, 2018 we'll gather, give what God has led us to give and take our first step together.

Stepping out in faith together, 

Gary Franklin