First Stop:Muenster, Germany

I'm writing from my hotel room in Chennai, India. Later today I catch a plane down to Coimbatore where I'll make my way to join the Freedom Firm team near Ooty, India. I thought I'd share a quick update of our time in Germany. George Rollins and I enjoyed a couple of great days with Tom and Susan Hubbard in Muenster. Tom and Susan serve as coaches and mentors to a group planting an innovative church called "Epic". It is mostly young adults in their 20's and 30's who have a vision to bring Christ to their city. We joined Epic for one of their Sunday evening gatherings (in the Hubbard apartment) where they study the Word together. After the meeting I enjoyed a good conversation with the young man who led the study out of the book of Nehemiah that night. His name is Heiko.

Epic Pictures 2009 001_edited

The young man George is visiting with is a student of theology at Heidleberg. Phillip is a bright young man but George was setting him straight on a few fine points of doctrine. As you can see it was a  pretty intense conversation.

Epic Pictures 2009 002_edited

The rest of our time was spent loving on Tom and Susan. It's been a hard year for both of them with health issues and their transition to Germany. They are really good people. The real deal. Tom and Susan have a really cool opportunity to shape this next generation of young and creative German leaders in a university town where Christ has little presence.


Off to Ooty. Keep me in your prayers!

Fighting for your hearts,

Gary Franklin