Off To India

I would welcome and value your prayers. On Saturday I leave for Germany and India. I'll spend a couple of days (Sunday-Tuesday) in Muenster, Germany with Grace missionaries Tom and Susan Hubbard. It's been a challenging year for them - relocation to a new country, new language and culture along with some serious health issues for Susan. Our purpose is simply to love on them. George Rollins (part of our Acts 1:8 team) will meet me in Germany and join me for the time with Tom and Susan. On Wednesday I make my way to Ooty, India to spend a long weekend with Grace missionaries Greg and Mala Malstead and the ministry they lead - Freedom Firm. It's a long trip down (two flights and a five hour jeep ride into the mountains). It will also be a full weeked. Greg is bringing the entire team together from around India (about 20 folks - American and Indian). My role is to 'pastor' the team. I will be leading five two-hour sessions on developing healthy spiritual rhythms as leaders seeking to sustain ministry over the long haul. Pray that Father allows me to encourage them and speak to their hearts. These folks serve in a hard place doing very difficult work in rescuing, defending and caring for young girls sold into brothals. The obstacles and discouragement are pretty significant. I make the long trip home on March 2.

I'll try to post some pictures and share some highlights on my blog along the way.

Pray for Verna - it's never easy being away from her and the family.

So grateful for you.

Fighting for Your Hearts,

Gary Franklin