My Prayer For Our Spiritual Journey

I have been touched by the response to our current series "A Journey Back To Freedom". I can sense that Father is doing something deep and significant in many of your lives. I'm excited for what lies ahead for each of you. Our journey toward freedom asks us to confront those places where we are not free. It can feel hard and heavy at first. Be patient. As you learn to release the things that weigh your hearts down your heart will come alive.

I read something this morning that stirred me to pray - for myself and for you.

Grant me, now, an enchantment of heart that for a moment, the calliope of your kingdom may entice my spirit, laughing, out of my sulky self-preoccupations into a childlike delight in the sounds and silences that hum of grace; so that I may learn again that life is never quite as serious as I suppose, yet more precious than I dare take for granted, even for a moment . (Ted Yoder Guerrillas of Grace)

Father, as we make this journey back to freedom, bring us, individually and collectively as a family, into a season where we are more free from our 'sulky self-preoccupations'. More aware of the sounds and silences of grace. More free to love. More free to laugh. A season where life feels lighter. And may your kingdom - with all it's callings, challenges and celebrations - capture more of our imagination, heart and time.

I invite you to join me...


Fighting for your hearts,

Gary Franklin