Our Journey Toward Freedom as a Family

A few weeks ago we began a journey we desribe as  "A Journey Back To Freedom". Our guide for this journey is Paul's letter of Galatians. I had a clear sense of God's leading in the timing of this journey. But I had no idea! Over these past few weeks I've listened to story after story from people longing to be free but not living in freedom. Some have approached me with tears of sadness and relief that the secret has finally been shared. Marriages silently on the edge of imploding. Families facing really difficult issues and choices. People feeling fear about the future of their jobs and careers. People struggling beneath the weight of financial realities. Friends listening to the voices of fear, failure and shame that shout from their past...paralyze their present. Longtime followers of Christ languishing in disillusionment

I didn't sleep well Monday night. Restless. Strange for me I wasn't feeling worry or fear but a profound sadness for friends who are in hard places. Lying beneath the restlessness was a quiet sense that something good is stirring in our story as a family. God is re-shaping us. He's inviting us to 'break free' from the unhealthy patterns of thinking and living that have hindered the freedom Christ longs for us to enjoy for much too long. It's exciting, scary and messy all at the same time.  Hope.

I keep something in the cover of my journal that reminds me of this journey toward freedom. They are choices I make every day.

  • I break free when I live in the truth. I stop pretending to myself, to others, and to God about what is taking place inside me
  • I break free by acknowledging my vulnerabilities and brokenness rather than trying to cover them over. It's where I rediscover God's mercy and grace
  • I break free when I experience the gift of being "Abba's child" rather than attaching myself to accomplishments, things or people's approval to feel okay about myself
  • I break free from the generational patterns of my family and culture that negatively shape how I live and relate today
  • I break free by realizing things are not as they appear. There is an unseen spiritual battle with an enemy that is bent on harming me.
  • I break free as the idols in my life are smashed when the lie of what they promise is exposed.
  • I break free by choosing to live the unique life God has given me. I no longer live the fantasy of someone else's life or journey
  • I break free from the illusion that I will live forever. I keep the shortness of my earthly life before me each day
  • I break free from the illusion that there is something richer, more beautiful, more satisfying, than the gift of loving and being loved

We'll explore these together in future blogs. Today know that Father is pursuing you. While your journey to freedom may feel hard and look scary - embrace it with an open heart.

Fighting for your heart...and your freedom,

Gary Franklin