Our Journey With Galatians Begins

We've begun our journey through Paul's letter to the Galatians. From the comments I've received I sense it comes at a needed time for many of us. As followers of Jesus we have within us a longing to experience the freedom of Jesus' 'way of life'. While so attractive it also invites some questions. The invitation to "let Christ live His life through you" is tough to get a handle on.  I received a thoughtful email yesterday asking questions that resonate with all of us...

  • How do we cooperate with Christ so that His life is released in me?
  • What is Christ's part in this process?
  • What is my part?
  • What do the mindset and behavior of someone who depends upon the indwelling Christ look like?

We'll wrestle with these questions together as this series unfolds. I've asked God to bring a new season of freedom to all our lives.

Yesterday I asked you to reflect on where you find yourself today in your experience with Jesus 'way of life'. I thought it only fair that I do the same. Here are some thoughts I wrote in my journal this morning...

Father I confess my tendency in wanting to manage and control all the stuff in my life. I seem to feel better when I feel in control and on top of things. My temperament feels more peaceful and settled when my life is working the way I prefer. But where does faith fit into all this? I'm afraid it sometimes gets reshaped to asking you to make my plans works...or it get pushed to the margins and doesn't reappear until my plans fall apart. Father I invite you to reshape me through this experience in Galatians. Here are the ways I'm asking for you to set me free over these next few months...

  • Less need to manage the outcome of my circumstances
  • More flexibility and spontaneity...I'm way too tethered to my schedule and routine
  • Greater comfort with not being in control (as though I ever have control!)
  • Capacity to be more present 'in the moment' - enjoying each person, life experience and task for its unique value rather than living with a 'get it done and check it off my list' approach to my day
  • Discernment in knowing when I'm assuming too much responsibility or pressure for making something work...listening to your promptings for when and how I am to respond...or not
  • Trusting you to shape the lives of people I care for...as I get older I don't like the "Father Knows Best" posture I sometime see in myself...

I'm glad to be on this journey with you!

Fighting For Your Hearts,

Gary Franklin