The Risk of Trust

I woke last Thursday morning around 3:00 am with a lot stirring in my soul...

Situations our kids are facing in their lives that weigh on me as a father. Selling our home in Marietta in today's market. The 'weight of leadership' I feel for the Grace family. Hurting families. Marriages struggling. Unsettling financial realities and how it will impact Grace in 2009. Maturing our core ministries, Bringing life to new areas of emphasis with Engage Fayette and Next Generation. The wreckage sin has brought into our lives of some of our folks.

When I couldn't fall back to sleep I slipped downstairs, put on a pot of tea, grabbed my journal and opened to the Psalms. The first thing I wrote in my journal that morning was 'Father,I feel so helpless'. I sat in silence for a few minutes - naming and confessing to Father what He already knew about me - my stubborn tendency is to assume responsibility for things I cannot change or control. In the stillness of the mornng He quietly whispered "trust me".

I turned to Psalm 31 and found the language that lifted the weight I felt...

But I trust You Father                                                                                                             Saying, "You are My God!"                                                                                                             My future is in Your hands...                                                                                                          Let Your favor shine on me,                                                                                                             In Your unfailing love save me.                                                                                                    Don't let me be disgraced Father,                                                                                                   For I call out to You for help.                                                                                                    (Psalm 31:14-17 NLT)

The risk of trust is releasing the outcome of things I care deeply about to our Father's protection and provision. It's a risk I must take every day as I learn to die to myself and my need to control the details of my life.

I don't know what weighs heavy on your soul as you read these words. Real freedom is found in simply naming it and trusting Your Father with it. You will be neither disappointed nor disgraced for taking the risk.

Fighting for Your Hearts,

Gary Franklin