An Invitation to Dance With A Dangerous God

I wish God worked in ways I could arrange, understand and manage. He rarely does. Yet I still keep looking for God to show up in ways I'm more comfortable with. Maybe it's the tension of the faith journey. Maybe it's my need for comfort and control. 

God is dangerous. It doesn't mean I cannot trust Him only that I cannot tame Him. He surprises me. He catches me off guard. He escapes my understanding and defies my explanation. The faith journey invites me to embrace the mystery of this adventure with a ruthless trust in His character and providence.

Rarely do I "drift" into this kind of trust. Everything in me seems to resist it. I want to play it safe and not risk embarrassment, criticism or failure. I am prone to withdraw and watch. Neither does God 'demand' this kind of trust from me. He never insists that I trust Him. He simply holds out His hand and invites me to trust Him. This decision to trust is mine.

I've lived with the story of David dancing with God in II Samuel 6 for some time now. A number of questions linger....

  • What if...I dreamed more often about bringing more of God's presence into my family, my finances, my friendships, my neighborhood, my community?
  • What if...I stepped out of my safe places to pursue that dream?
  • What if...I encountered God in the process...a God I cannot tame or manage...just follow with ruthless trust and simple obedience?
  • What if...I gave myself permission to make some misstakes in the process (maybe lots of them...) and saw myself as a lifelong learner?
  • What if...I celebrated with joyful abandon when God showed up?

What if...?

It's an invitation to dance with a dangerous God.

Fighting For Your Heart,

Gary Franklin