Real Calm in Troubled Times

The topic of many (many) conversations over the last week has been the stability and future of our financial system. And for good reason. While I don't doubt the crisis is real the discussion and debate (especially with all the posturing connected to our presidential election) has stirred alot of emotion within me. I've felt everything: cynicism, anger, even fear. I really don't like the fact that these issues occupy so much emotonal and mental space. But it exposes something very real. It's very easy for our confidence and hope to be anchored to the integrity of our political leaders and the stability of our financial systems. While we pray that wisdom, integrity and honesty will guide the people and processes that affect all of our lives, placing our confidence in either is misplaced.

I woke one morning last week feeling restless and anxious about these things. Father calmed my heart with a pointed reminder from the Psalms...

You reign forever...executing justice from your throne. You will judge the world with justice and rule the nations with fairness. You are a shelter for the oppressed and a refuge in times of trouble. Those who know Your name trust in You. For You have never abandoned anyone who searches for you.      

        Psalm 9:7-10  NLT

He reigns forever...

  • My confidence is not in a hope that our leaders can set aside personal and political agendas to lead with wisdom and judgment ...It's in a God who reigns forever!
  • My confidence is not in the stability of our financial systems...It's in a God who reigns forever!
  • My confidence is not in a particular political ideology or party...It's in a God who reigns forever!
  • My confidence is not in the next President of our country...It's in a God who reigns forever!

So in the face of troubling times...when cynicism, anger and fear are so easy...let's rest and find our shelter in the only person who will never betray, disappoint or abandon us.

A God who reigns forever...


Fighting for your hearts,

Gary Franklin