Creation Quiets Our Resistance

I was reading Psalm 8 Sunday and was struck by these words...

When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers - the moon and the stars you have set in place. What are mortals that you should think of us ... mere humans that you should care for us ?

I find it sobering that the eternal God of the universe thinks about me and cares for me. Me! It's touching when a friend thinks about me and expresses his care for me in some tangible way. To know that God thinks about me and cares for me takes my breath away...and melts away the resistance my heart sometimes feels to trusting my Father's love for me.

How do I help those outside the faith to see and taste this reality I have seen and tasted...that God actually thinks about them...that God is aware of their circumstances ... that God cares deeply about them...and that God longs to be present for them and in them through the person of Jesus? 

Most will not take the time to make the connection between God's creation and God's care for them. Life is just too full full and fast. Too many distractions, too many difficulties and too many distortions. What is so clear to us is anything but clear. Even the well-intentioned words 'God thinks about you' and 'God cares for you' may feel far removed from their reality...may feel beyond the reach of reason...may even feel a bit disingenuous coming from someone whose life seems to be working so much better than theirs.

Maybe some might find it easier to make the connection if they encountered another part of God's creation - you and me! Even facing the cynicism and skepticism so deeply embedded in today's culture the reality that a group of people in the community actually think about them...and are willing to demonstrate their care for them... might cause some to pause, ask a few questions and over time make the connection to God's care for them.

As we begin this adventure to engage our community with gestures of compassion this Sunday let's go as those who bear the image of our God - by creation and redemption. My prayer is that what they see and experience in us would begin to melt away all the junk that causes them to resist the thought that an eternal God thinks about them and cares for them as well.

Fighting For Your Heart,

Gary Franklin