A Family of Unlikely Hero's

Kathy Berggran (Director of Real Life Center) spoke to our church family yesterday from Jesus' parable about the good Samaritan. As I saw Kathy's passion I was struck by the thought that she is living and displaying the life of the Samaritan here in our community. Fully aware that she cannot do everything she has devoted her life to doing something. After describing what compassion looks like through the kindness of an unlikely hero, Jesus ended his parable with this pointed invitation, "Go and do likewise." Kathy is doing just that. She is one of the hero's of our community - at least from Jesus' perspective. My guess is that she would resist such a description but if backed into a corner would quietly accept the label of an unlikely hero. That's often the case with unlikely hero's. They are ordinary folks who see the need, choose to stop, cross the road and get personally involved in the messiness of someone's pain. Why? They've been captured by Christ's love for hurting people.

Unlikely hero's have a lot to teach us. We do well to listen to their lives and follow their example. Kathy shared a few things yesterday that landed with my heart. I hope they did with yours as well...

  • While the need in Fayette County pales in comparision to the needs around the globe, the pain people feel and struggle they face here in our community are just as real
  • We cannot change peoples circumstances or fix all their problems...but we can love them at a moment in time
  • For Engage Fayette to make a difference in our community, it must be more than a fall emphasis or project...Engaging the lives of people with the love of Christ must become a way of life

Unlikely hero's. I believe that already describes many of you in the Grace family. And I have the hope it will describe more and more of us. A family of unlikely hero's! Jesus describes the only requirement with a straightforward invitation,"Go and do likewise". Follow the example of the other unlikely hero's around you - ordinary folks who see the need but choose to stop, cross the road and get personally involved in the pain of someone's story.

FIghting for your heart,

Gary Franklin