what happens when we pray



Fort Apache Indian Reservation, White River AZ, Last year June 2017

Ways we saw God move, thanks to people's prayers!!!


-  The team of teens that went last year got to know each other more.  This was needed.  It seemed the foundation of some friendships were made and/or strengthened.  It was great to see these friendships continue to grow after getting back from AZ.  More unity exists in the youth group due to the friendships formed on this last trip.


arizona 3.jpg

-  The bond between the Grace teens and the Apache children became strong.


-  Compassion became alive! in the Grace teens hearts for the Apache children and teens.  The Grace teens truly wanted to give to the Apache people, even if the Grace teens got nothing in return.


-  The Apache teens started to open up to the Grace teens friendships.


-  Situations that could have been difficult were not, for example close quarters.


-  Praise God for learning situations that were not planned, for example, a more charismatic form of worship was present which provided good conversation for the teens and Andrew.

by Terri Triplett

Prayer Sign Up for this year's Youth Missions Team

If you have not done so already, please sign up for a day / time to pray or/and fast  for our youth. The team departs Friday July 20 at 3 PM from Grace and will return Sunday July 29. 

Some give, some go, and we all pray! 

Prayer Requests:

1) Connections with Apache people.
2) Team unity
3) Confident in letting God use us and our gifts for him
4) Protection for the team
5) Sensitive to God's Spirit and Leading.
6) God would help us in meaningful conversations with the Apache people.
7) We could overcome the barrier of the past history of the tribe.