Samantha Harris

Samantha joined the Grace church staff in August 2017. Because she respects the staff and shares their vision of outreach to our children and the community, she chose to become part of the Grace staff. She most enjoys leading children’s worship and also teaching the weekly lessons to the elementary students.  

She is a native of Georgia and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a B.A. in Musical Theatre. Since graduating, she has worked in the theatre as a performer, director and choreographer. She has also taught music and dance. Currently, she is also the China Program Director at Across The World Adoptions Agency (this is in addition to leading our children in worship on Sunday morning). 

In her spare time, she enjoys thinking of new ideas and then bringing them to life. She also loves camping in the mountains, rock and roll, coffee, traveling and she has a goal of taking horseback riding lessons.  

She and her husband, David, have two children: Kaori and Cuyler.  

When asked for an unknown fact about herself: “I once represented myself in court by filing my own petition and scheduling my own hearing in order to accomplish the re-adoption of my son in the state of GA. I saved my family a couple thousand dollars by doing this and felt super accomplished.” 

Welcome, Samantha and thank you for choosing to serve with us!