The Jesus Way: Jesus, The Old Testament, and Us (Matthew 5:17-20)

How does Jesus teaching fit with the OT? 

Very common question (maybe one you’ve asked). 

Also quite common to think Jesus’ was departing from the OT/Judaism to start something entirely new and different that had little connection to the OT. 

Our passage today speaks directly into this question (as well as how we read Scripture today). 

Makes it clear that Jesus and His teaching was closely connected to the OT … far from departing from it was completing and carrying it forward … the story continued … simply a different chapter in the story.

Silvina Erwin
The Jesus Way: The Beatitudes. Matthew 5:3-16 - 5.12.19

What if Jesus’ intent was not “try harder to live like this” 

What if the blessedness Jesus describes is not connected to our capacity to gain it … but is already resident within us because of our relationship with Jesus? 

It’s what life with Christ actually looks like … even when we’re beneath the weight of circumstances we can’t change or control … or our life is not working as we hoped or expected … when our life feels beyond hope… even times we don’t feel like we have God’s blessing? 

What if the moments we see these qualities in our lives is evidence that Christ and God’s Kingdom is breaking through and showing up in us?

Silvina Erwin
The Jesus Way: Life, Relationships, and Spirituality 4.28.19

An introduction and overview to Matthew 5-7.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount wasn’t meant to warm our hearts with romanticized rhetoric about the spiritual life…

It was intended to inspire a vision for a way of life that is substantial, solid, life-changing and lasting…

A way of life that touches every aspect of our lives and every relationship.

We’ll explore this Jesus Way of through the summer months … Join us!

Silvina Erwin