Face to Face with Zacchaeus 1.27.19

The man, known to many by the lyrics of a children’s song, meets Jesus in the streets of Jericho. What happens there is an example of Jesus Shaped Hospitality. It was unconventional, it was by some accounts scandalous, and it demonstrates a way of life that we are called to live our in our culture. What happens when we are confronted with people who are disliked and distrusted? What motivates us in those moments? Gary takes us there and offers the example of Jesus in that moment.

How many Zacchaeuses are hovering in the margin of our own lives? People who are genuinely curious about Jesus, but we don’t even realize or take time to notice them and engage them.

How do our assumptions about people help or hinder our capacity to welcome them into our lives?

Silvina Erwin