Descending into Greatness 4.14.19

The Scripture this week is Philippians 2:6-11.

In our everyday vocabulary ‘down’ is not a word we welcome.

The way’s we use it betrays our attitudes: down and out, downfall, and downhearted.

Down is reserved for the depressed, the defeated, the weak, or the poor.

By contrast is down’s antonym - “up”. Up and coming. Upwardly mobile. Upscale. Upper class.

Up carries a more attractive appeal to us.

Up is the direction we all prefer to be heading with our lives.

Why Philippians 2 may be one of the most countercultural chapters in the Bible.

It’s message …

· Downward is the pathway that pleases God

· Greatness in God’s eyes is not a measure of self-advancement but self-abandonment

· The more we give up, the more we gain

The model of downward mobility was Jesus …

Silvina Erwin