January/February Update 2019

Hey everyone! 

This is my January through February update! For those of you who didn’t know, I have been in Perth for the past year and a half, so I went home on holiday for three weeks!

Had a fantastic time with family and friends, both reconnecting and living life with people I love. 

Now that I’m back in Perth I’ve been jumping headlong into ministry work here! Everything from:

Hanging out in Perth

Hanging out in Perth

— going out into the suburbs to help families in need
— working on the logistics of a city-wide outreach in Perth
— continuing to reach out to and develop relationships with the aboriginals in the city 
— communicating via email with those interested in the many healthcare schools here at YWAM Perth. 

Eno (hammock) village at staff retreat

Eno (hammock) village at staff retreat

During February the entire base, around 450 people, went out about 2 hours south of Perth for a five-day retreat where we heard God’s word for the base as well as for us as individuals. We also had heaps of fun playing games, going all out in constant volleyball matches, and just hanging out and talking. 


I took this photo when I was back home, and it was God asking me,
 that even if everything else I hold dearest is erased and taken, 
would I still hold Jesus above everything? 
Sorta the journey God has me on at the moment  

It’s been an incredible time, both adjusting back into life here at YWAM Perth as well as getting God’s heart for my time here!

Just a cool photo I took of the sunset and skyline of where I live.

Just a cool photo I took of the sunset and skyline of where I live.

Thank you for all your support! Prayer request at this time would be:

- A settling of my heart back here in Perth
- Not holding onto things in the past that can cripple my ability to move forward 
- I think I might have caught something on the plane ride home because I haven’t been feeling 100% since I came back so healing for my body
- Full financial support (presently at about 70%)

Love you guys, and God bless! 

~ Andrew

Silvina Erwin