What's Summer All About?


School’s Out! O-U-T! Aahhh Summer! Summer Chills will begin soon! They are a time of hanging out together doing fun summer activities without having to hurry home to homework.  

Summer Chills are a bit different than Wednesday Night Youth which are during the school year. Summer Chills are big boisterous group activities and shorter, but meaningful life applicable talks.  

Summer Small Groups is also meet on most Fridays. The guys’ small group is called Iron Man. It is a time of pumping iron, working out, and getting closer to God and each other. The girls’ group meets for coffee and conversation. It is also a time of getting closer to God and each other.  

Youth Mission Teams will go on local and/or foreign mission trips together. These groups have been prayed about and they started training in preparation during the school year. Opportunities to worship and serve with other Fayette county church youth groups are also on the calendar – Summer-style!  

Encounter Chills are nights of worship with other church youth groups.  

Impact is a huge service project where we join with other youth groups to build houses in Griffin with Square Foot Ministries that serve families in need.  


We look forward to all the experiences God has in store for each of us to teach us more about Him and the body of Christ! 


  • June 4 ALL money is due for the Youth Summer Local Missions (Maybe too soon to put this in Christie?) 

  • June 4-7 Youth Backyard Mission Trips  

  • June 12 Youth Summer Chills Begin. Rising 6th graders join us! 

  • June 14 Summer Small Groups. Join us Friday's during the summer for small groups. Meet at the youth building. Guys will remain onsite for Ironmen and girls will go to Starbucks. Rising 6th graders join us! 

Silvina Erwin