What Was Each Day Like during the Backyard Mission Trip?! 


We just sent our Youth to the mission field, right here in the Atlanta Metro! They didn't have to go far to find opportunities to build relationships, provide helping hands, and share the love of Christ. Experience what each day was like on the Backyard Mission Trip! 

Tuesday’s Takeaway - SafeHouse - Inner City Atlanta

The Mission at SafeHouse started on a gray and dingy day, but was lit up by the staff and volunteer’s smiles and warm welcome. The people we served lunch to and visited with had rough lives and circumstances they didn’t orchestrate. They also had made bad choices in their history, just like me. Many had Jesus’ grace just like me. 

Wednesday’s Takeaway - Square Foot Ministry - Griffin, GA

The concrete floors in the partially finished house we swept were full of dirt and dust from the walls and roof that had been erected a couple of weeks before. We arrived mid-way through the project. After we swept the floor, they asked for volunteers to paint and I knew it was going to be a fun day with all my friends! It was exciting to think we were a small but vital link in a series of volunteer groups that were helping someone in need have a home.  I didn’t know there were so many financial details to get into your own home. I thought everyone got a home when they grew up, easy-peasy. The brand newness of the house made it feel we were helping to put together a beautiful mansion. But when we left, I remember thinking the kitchen seemed as big as my grandparent's bathroom in their home.  

Thursday’s Takeaway - JMA Ministries - Clarkston, GA

I had never met anyone from Burma before and now we were getting to meet lots of Burmese people. I think they call the country Myanmar now. I didn’t know in a country almost the size of Texas they spoke 100 languages! A few apartment living rooms I saw looked like I was in a different country – the colors, the décor, the furniture or lack of, the rugs! What I didn’t know even more was what it would have been like to grow up for 20 years in a refugee camp in Thailand before getting to move to Clarkston. And what I never want to know is what it is like to get up every day and have go work inside a chicken factory where a lot of people look down on me for having such a job.  

Friday’s Takeaway  - Team Building Time - Fayette County, GA

We got up ready to go, go, go. But the rain made us stay, stay, stay. The outside work that was planned for building houses for the day was cancelled. We were really tired from the nonstop good things we got to do each day and night. Unbeknownst to us, God had set aside some time for us to spend some time with Him, reflecting on the week and looking for Him in our experiences. He even provided a covered pavilion and beautiful park scenery for us surrounded by when the rains poured. 

Every Night at Marnelle - Kid’s Camp Takeaway

Last Summer in Arizona on a mission trip we did a children’s camp – we were pumped! We felt like we were in a different world being on an Indian Reservation. This year, we did a children’s camp every night also – but in our own “backyard”.

Were we pumped?! We’re at home; is this really a mission trip? Well, I discovered it is great and inwardly rewarding to live with purposeful eyes wherever I am. I got to meet a family that moved here from Honduras 3 months ago. I wish I had taken Spanish in school! Thank goodness for Google Translate! Did you know you can have a whole conversation using this?! I think at this camp some of the children went to church and some of them did not. It reminded me of the many people that took an interest in me before I believed, and it also reminded me of the people that took an interest in me after I became a believer. Being the one on this side of the table, the one showing love and care exhilarated me! For the children at the camp, I began to hope God would use me – as 1 of the many people who enter the children’s lives, that I know He has planned to use for the purpose of helping them feel important and valued, and know that they are a child of the King, just like the people He put in my journey. 

Silvina Erwin