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Our Team

Meet Our Team

Gary Franklin

Lead Pastor
Hobbies: Reading, traveling and spending time at the mountains or beach. 
Fun Fact: I was a high school drum major. 

Ben Toler

Worship + Creative Arts Pastor
Hobbies: Lifting weights, trying unique restaurants, and playing with music and film tech. 
Fun Fact: I was a cast member at Medieval Times.

Matt Benson

Hobbies: Museuming,  leisurely golf cart rides with family, and bargain hunting.
Fun Fact:
I am an April Fool.

Melody Benson

Missions Coordinator
Hobbies: Garage sales shopping, golf cart adventures with my family, and reading on my back porch.
Fun Fact:
I can say the alphabet backwards faster than anyone I know!

Mike DeLorenzo

Fun Fact:

Jack Gardner

Hobbies: Cooking, camping and tinkering, I love to fix things!
Fun Fact: 
Growing up I wanted to be like Fred McMurray's character, Steve Douglas, from My 3 Sons.

Margie Gardner

Ministry Services
Hobbies: Enjoying my hummingbird and butterfly garden, walking, and reading.
Fun Fact: 
My husband bought me a 4-wheeler and I am loving the speed and power! 

Joyce Genter

Hobbies: Being with my grandkids, decorating, music, reading, movies, and theatre.
Fun Fact: 
I have been to Israel six times!

Kyle Guillot

Fun Fact: 

Samantha Harris

Children's Ministry Lead + Communications
Hobbies: Exercising and enjoying coffee.
Fun Fact: I once represented myself in court and won!

Gabe Hoffman

Fun Fact: 

Dave Sims

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends and drinking coffee.
Fun Fact: I love Eugene Peterson more than Gary!

Beth Ann Webb

Social Media Contractor
Hobbies: All things art! And being with my family.
Fun Fact: God made me a problem-solver and it brings me great joy! 

Isaac Webb

Fun Fact:

Kem Williams

Pastor of Mission + Member Care
Hobbies: Reading in the sun, cutting grass, beach, time with family, music & podcasts.
Fun Fact:  I love riding motorcycles! 

Noah Wright

Youth Pastor
Hobbies: Golf, exploring new places, doing stand-up comedy, graphic design, and hanging out with my bunny, Alfred!
Fun Fact:
I love buying my clothes & shoes secondhand. Even my Jordans!